Therapy Services

Arranging an appointment with Charlotte

For people seeking treatment the first step is always an initial evaluation.

The initial evaluation enables you and Charlotte to meet, and it allows you to explain why you are seeking treatment and what you are hoping to achieve through it. Charlotte will also want to go through a detailed medical history with you and establish a baseline for current symptoms.

If, following this assessment, treatment would be suitable for you, the next stage would be to agree a treatment plan to suit your needs.

To book an initial evaluation simply contact SafeHaven Trauma Centre on: 0161 635 3522.

Types of support

Charlotte is trained in a number of therapetutic interventions. This means support can be:

  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Locations & Opening Times

Appointments are available at SafeHaven Trauma Centre in Wilmslow.

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Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are tailored to your individual needs and treatment goals. Generally designed in phases of between 6-15 sessions they can be a combination of Emo-somatic therapy, CST (individual, bio-aquatic and multi-therapists) and psychotherapy. Once a treatment plan is completed you are able to book ad-hoc follow-up appointments as required.


Session Length

Session length ranges from 30 mins for babies to 1.5 hours for adults and 2 hours for couples. Further information and guidance can be found by clicking here.


Unsure if therapy is suitable for you?

We offer a free 20 minute phone consultation, to discuss your needs and see if treatment could be of benefit to you.


Trauma resolved is a great gift, returning us to the natural world of ebb and flow, harmony, love, and compassion.

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma’ by Peter A Levine


CISM Services

For organisations requiring CISM consultancy, the Critical Incident Response Service or training for workplace trauma, please contact Charlotte and her team at SafeHaven Trauma Centre on 0161 635 3999.

SafeHaven provide the CISM service 24/7, 365 days a year.



Additional Support

Client Support

For information on how best to support yourself during and after treatment see our Client Support page.